Meet Strigo — the powerful hands-on virtual training platform that helps you improve product adoption, training completion rates, and the quality of your program.

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Deliver highly engaging remote hands-on training.

Strigo’s virtual classroom and labs provide a unified environment where it’s easy to engage with content, provide 1-1 support, and monitor participation levels — all in one go.


Provide scalable on-demand training experiences.

With hands-on labs at its core, Strigo’s on-demand platform allows you to monitor learner progress, carry out review assessments, easily troubleshoot issues, and empower learners to work at their own pace.

Training Intelligence

Continuously improve with easy-to-action insights.

Become a top training organization with data-driven insights. Monitor engagement and participation levels with classroom metrics, course-level reports, and curriculum insights.

Strigo’s platform supports all of our hands-on training. Strigo helped us scale our training program throughout our fast growth, empowering us to continually drive high customer engagement.

Nathan Zamecnik,
  Education Manager at Elastic

Tech support that’s always on, because you’re always on.

Strigo’s support team is here for you 24/7, for a reliable training experience so you can train with confidence.

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