We’re helping software companies train (the right way).

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We help companies train, with impact.

We’re changing the way in which software companies train their customers, using cutting-edge tech to transform how people learn. We’ve developed a product that works for leading tech players of all shapes and sizes — a powerful platform and suite of intuitive tools that enable a more effective, engaging learning environment.


The landscape of customer training is shifting dramatically, and we’re leading the way.

I love being a part of an evolving, open-minded organization comprised of amazing people who inspire me every day.
Keren Karvat, Software Developer - Tel Aviv
At Strigo, everyone’s opinion is taken seriously. No matter your role. Every employee is encouraged to contribute. Whether it’s a product direction, feature or aspects of culture, everyone has a voice.
Jon Muschel, Director of Customer Success - New York
What makes Strigo great is having an environment that promotes sharing your honest feedback and working together towards a shared goal.
Barr Solnik, Head of Business Development - Tel Aviv

Best-in-class training that’s a match for best-in-class software. Finally.

Customer training can be hard. Making sure everyone is aligned on new software, hoping they’re getting the best possible experience…


It’s not easy, but we change that. Our team truly believes in the power of innovative tech to transform how we train. Trainers and learners deserve a better solution, and this is what drives us.

What’s in it for you?

We’re always on the lookout for the best talent — passionate, ambitious people looking to make a real impact. Why join? Well, there’s some pretty cool perks that come with working at Strigo.

Educational activity budget

Paid paternity leave

Generous vacation package

Hybrid working model (from home or the office)

We’ve built Strigo to be an organization that we’re happy to work for each morning. It’s about mutual success, transparency and authenticity.

Nevo Peretz
CEO & Co-Founder

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